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Monthly Archive for September, 2011

MUSC111/THEA348                                                                                              Wesleyan University Sumarsam & Dustin Wiebe                                                                                  Spring […]

Syllabus: Gamelan-Advanced

Wesleyan University, Music Department                                       I.M. Harjito & Sumarsam Javanese Gamelan-Advanced                                                            Ellen Lueck MUSC452, Spring 2012                                   […]

Syllabus: Gamelan-Beginners

  Wesleyan University, Music Department                                            Sumarsam Javanese Gamelan–Beginners                                                              Brian Fairley, TA Music 451, Fall 2016                                                                          T.Th.10:20-11:40AM, WMH Notes and assignments The performance study […]